Martin van den Bergh

Pastoral Care may be thought of as essentially a Christian endeavour, yet all religious faiths promote Pastoral Care, and especially Judaism.
Pastoral Care is applicable in many areas of human activity, including:

  • Healthcare Chaplaincy
  • Education
  • The Military
  • The Workplace
  • The Police

I am happy to be a scholar-in-residence; advise on pastoral-spiritual issues including  care, training and mentoring; or provide confidential counseling.

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Martin van den Bergh
incorporating Yiftach Consultants & Yiftach Net on Pastoral Care

Pastoral care has become an important part of providing support to individuals and groups when facing personal and other types of challenges. At the heart of pastoral care is the empathetic relationship between the carer and the client, which enables a mutual bond between the two. My interest in pastoral care stems from encountering people facing difficulties and being able to draw on innate strengths to be able to contend with them. It is in such moments that one can see the tenacity of the human spirit.

Pastoral care has been an integral part of my role as a Communal Rabbi and a chaplain especially, but not exclusively, in healthcare . My abiding principle is that every human being is worthy of respect and is endowed with strengths to confront those challenges. My task in providing pastoral care is to stimulate those strengths, within individuals, groups and communities.

I am currently the Rabbi of Childwall Hebrew Congregation in Liverpool, United Kingdom. My role has essentially been to provide guidance at a time of the challenges that have been facing the community, and bring a sense of calm waters. 

While my background drives my approach to pastoral care, I offer care, thoughts and strategies on addressing challenges which is non-judgmental and attempts to always uphold the dignity and autonomy of the person or organizations I aspire to support.